Here are a few random facts about me:

  • I have 3 Dogs: (Left to Right)
    • Roscoe my little scruffy fur baby and cuddle buddy
    • Breezy (Kyle’s) the big marshmallow who’s scared of the dark. They all love scrounging raw carrots and broccoli when I’m cooking.
    • Molly who is the biggest diva and snob ever.
  • I also have some very sassy but very adorable rescue hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. We decided to get chickens after a Holiday to Menorca and there were chickens next door to the farmhouse we rented…. Ask Kyle about that one. haha!
  • I lived in Spain for 6 years, and can speak Spanish, I love Spanish pop music.
  • I cannot stand fresh Coriander. I am one of those people who if they eat it, all I can taste is Soap… Yum.
  • Crumpets freak me out – its the weird tiny bubbly holes…. So don’t expect to find any crumpet recipes on here, Sorry!
  • My guilty pleasures are Salted Crisps, Oatly Hazelnut Ice cream and Monty Bojangles ‘Cocoa Nib Nights Truffles’. I have been known to hide these from Kyle or more than one occasion.
  • I have what my mum calls a “Butterfly Brain”. I have so many thoughts an ideas whizzing around I can easily get distracted or “flit” to and from different ideas.
  • I am constantly taking notes for the above reason.
  • My favourite podcast is the Plant Proof Podcast by Simon Hill.
  • I love listening to books via Audible, especially when editing Photos / Recipe posts.
  • I LOVE Travelling, but have never travelled abroad Solo. I am awful at planning trips – I leave all that stress to Kyle. I just turn up with a suitcase and my passport.
  • When I was little I wanted to be an Interior designer
  • I’ve not watched Grease, Star Wars or Harry Potter. Sorry!
  • I have been Vegan since May 2019, and been experimenting with plant based recipes ever since.
  • I don’t drink – Don’t worry I’m not boring and it doesn’t mean that this blog is going to miss out on delicious cocktail recipes. Just non alcoholic sophisticated versions, none of that orange and soda water rubbish.
  • I never used to like peanut butter, I kind of forced myself to try it and ended up eventually liking it, much to my mums dissapointment.
  • I hate having to sit through adverts on TV – so will record a series on the Sky box to avoid them and consequently will usually end up with Christmas adverts in June. Which I am not complaining about
  • I ADORE Christmas and the warm fuzzy feeling you get this time of year, plus everyone just seems to be a bit nicer to each other.
  • I hate having to take all the decorations down and packing them away. Not so fun.
  • I suffer from Vertigo… I discovered this whilst on holiday for my 21st Birthday…… on the top of the Rockefeller building…

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