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I am a food photographer, prop stylist and food stylist based in Hampshire, covering London and the South East.

I create emotive & authentic images that connect with your audience.

Your Food Deserves to Look as Good as it Tastes

I help businesses from all over the world to develop their brands through consistent, attractive imagery and digital content specifically tailored to their brand.

I create Images that help invite and drive traffic to your website, online store, blog or restaurant.

I am located in Hampshire, U.K, but available worldwide. If you don’t need me on set, I can work remotely from my studio here in Hampshire.

My Unique Style

Isn’t it time you invested in a food photographer and food stylist that understands how to make your food shine?

Studies prove that images sell. Especially online and social media. In fact, a study conducted by Forbes found that, online shoppers consider the product image to be a key trigger in their buying decisions.

customers say that product photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.

Customers make decisions about your based on your brand images. Your images help customers determine everything from the quality of your product to the taste.


Priced per project

The majority of my work is studio based where I have access to all of my props, surfaces etc.

My goal is to understand your business and what makes you and your food products unique. Through this understanding I can produce content that reflects who you are and communicates what you do in an authentic way. This creates genuine interest in your products and brand loyalty and ultimately sales.

Whether you’d like to a one-off photoshoot for your food products or monthly retainers, I’ll take the time to understand your needs.

Food Photograpy & Styling

Priced per project

Whether you require help with a magazine article or need someone to style and create appetising images of recipes for a cookbook, I can help with that!


Priced per project

From artisan goods through to more commercial brands. I can can help bring your vision to life to tie in with your brand identity.

Food Products

Priced per project

If you have a particular recipe you would like photographing I can cook, style and shoot it for you. I also photograph food products and meal kits which can be sent to my studio.

I can research and create recipes around food products and I really enjoy developing new recipes and flavour pairings if you are looking for recipe development. 

I will source ingredients and props after coming up with a shot list and style for the shoot.


Priced per project

I also do location work for restaurants and food businesses that may need their food, menu, staff and premises photographed. Think, mouthwatering dishes, spectacular cocktails, elegant interiors and inviting ambiences, even lifestyle images of your establishment in action.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Priced per project
Priced per project

Not sure where your project fits?

Or have something bigger in mind? Get in touch and we can chat and we can get clear on the direction and final result of your project.

Do you have a creative vision you think I could be apart of? I'm excited to hear from you.

I’m located in Winchester, Hampshire, but available worldwide.

If you don’t need me on set, The majority of my work is done remotely from my studio here in Hampshire.

For any project, collaboration, sponsorship, partnership and general enquiries, shoot me an email at or use the contact form to get in touch.

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