Culinary Brand Development Through Imagery & Content

I want others to crave you!

as a food Photographer & stylist, it's my job to make you look irresistible  

I'm a content creator, and I love what I do. My passion is for food and taking images that instantly make your mouth water as soon as you see them. Whether it's a juicy (vegan) burger, a healthy salad, or a sophisticated cocktail. I want to create images that instantly make people want what you are selling.

Photography, cooking and being creative is something I have always been drawn to ever since I was young.

I gain inspiration from entrepreneurs, artists, light and colour. Inspiration is all around us. We just need to know where to look. 

My passion for food and developing recipes really intensified after adopting a Plant Based diet, back in 2019. Soon after that I also fell in love with food and drink photography and crafting visual stories. Basil and Bay was then born.

I felt so inspired by all the new flavour combinations, different ways of making humble ingredients like beans, lentils and vegetables interesting, the more combinations I discovered, the more I wanted to share my recipes with the world. 

Head over to the blog section on my site to check out all the plant based goodness.

I'm Meg

hi friend,

Scarves. I have a rather large, growing collection and I'm not ashamed of it - I mean come on, I live in the UK after all, it's cold.

I'm a little too into:

People who are rude & impatient, Late nights, when you get wrinkled socks in your boots, planning holidays (I leave that all to Kyle).

Not about:

When I was younger I wanted to be interior designer. I enjoy DIY projects and updating rooms in our house.

When I grow up:

Autumn, Nothing beats the crisp autumn mornings where the sun still has warmth to it.

Favourite Season:

The dream is to find and renovate a farm house in the country and have enough land for a few rescue animals, more chickens and a bigger veggie garden, oh and a little photography studio #WFHGOALS

Future Goal:

Creativity, Podcasts, Nature, hot frothy matcha lattes, potatoes - in any form, snuggles with my pup Roscoe, feeding the neighbourhood squirrels.

I'm all about:

A Little More About Me:

Unlike everyone else I did not get into sourdough baking, but I did get into gardening and fell in love with growing my own organic fruit and veg.

lockdown hobby: